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The CrossFit Bryanston Team has a vision for their box. To be a box operating on an International level and in line with some of the best boxes in the world. Over the next few years we plan to grow that vision till it materializes. In order to facilitate this growth we hit the ground running. One of the first steps we took was to go ‘The Rogue Way’. Rogue fitness makes up 99% of our current box gear. CrossFit Bryanston has chosen to use BoxChamp as our software of choice, all our WODS are displayed on two flat screen TV’s at the front of the class and their performance results can be captured in house right after the WOD, alternatively from the comfort of your home on your laptop or mobile app. What gets measured gets managed.

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We pride ourselves on our team of passionate, experienced and qualified coaches and the awesome community that CrossFit Bryanston has become over the years…We currently have 5 coaches on board. At CrossFit Bryanston we believe in an holistic approach to fitness, this includes not only being strong and fit but also ensuring your body is fluid and supple, mind is strong and positive and your nutrition is up to scratch. For this reason we have introduced our Yoga class as well as introduced Sports Massage, Meal Design and advanced Inbody Tracking .

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