At CrossFit Bryanston we have a large emphasis on the science of movement in relation to the athlete as a whole. To truly get the results you need, If an athlete can move well however eat badly then the athlete as a whole is not in balance. Likewise if you eat well however move badly then the athlete as a whole is not in balance. This is where our Reach your Genetic Potential module will come in handy to assist our athletes to Move Better, Eat Better and Live better. An overall Lifestyle Shift that encompasses all facets off health and fitness and not just certain isolated segments, ultimately helping you to transform your body through movement, lifestyle and good eating,

Inbody Assessments

As always we work on the premise that what gets Measured gets Managed, we currently have the most advanced and accurate Impedance scale in the industry, and WE ARE SUPER EXCITED, aka the ‘Big Daddy’ InBody. This is a body composition analyser which assists us to accurately measure and assess where our athletes currently stand in their health and fitness journey and provide recommendations. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage and gives measurable and achievable targets.

Once off report : ZAR 250 per report
2 Reports: ZAR225 per report
6 Report bundle ZAR1080 Payable up front, valid for one year (ZAR180 per report)
10 report Bundle ZAR1250 Payable up front, valid for one year (ZAR125 per report)

Meal Design

When we talk about meal design we are talking about the latest trends on how to assist you to live a healthy lifestyle and compliment the training programme you are following at CrossFit Bryanston. Our meal designs are designed around your taste preferences, inbody stats and fitness goals. They include recipe ideas, meal prep techniques and individual lifestyle management to effectively and consistently implement these meal designs and delicious healthy recipes. Our meal and recipes are based on emerging thinking and practice as documented in the CrossFit Journal Articles on our home page.

Individual Meal Design and Recipe Pack ZAR1399, Includes:

  • 4 Inbody assessments over a 12 week cycle
  • Pre and Post Fitness Assessment
  • Individual Fitness Programme and with appropriate scheduling
  • Choice of 1 * online specialised programme best suited to achieve your goals based on your overall fitness programme.
  • 20min feedback online sessions a week with your Coach

Movement and Mobility – Sports Massage

Movement belongs in the gym…this is just so true! Not just any movement , proper movement, quality movement and effective movement. With this in mind we encourage consistent body maintenance and have our very own sports massage department at our gym, Our expert Laura uses a diverse set of hands on therapy, tools and skills that allow her to heal and teach people the value of optimal physical performance, on and off the training platform. Laura’s experience as a therapist has been gained from working as a team therapist In the sporting scene, and includes the privilege of working with an array of sports men and women in the following categories: body builders and physique/ fitness athletes; boxers; CrossFit athletes; competitive pole dancers; road and mountain bikers/ cyclists; free-divers; golfers; Jiu-Jitsu athletes; middle distance, marathon and ultra-distance runners; MMA mixed martial arts athletes; motorcross athletes; powerlifters; weight lifters; wrestlers and tri-athletes. She has also received her SA colours as a Powerlifter and competed locally and internationally !